Wilderness and Faerie

What Hell is to the underground, Faerie is to the wilderness. While not all wilderness is Faerie, going off the beaten path in the Wilderlands is risky business.

Not all wilderness is Faerie, but it may as well be. Only the cities and the greatest roads are safe from Faerie depredations. Villagers and homesteaders know to put out charms, wards, and other propitiations for the Fair Folk if they wish to remain unmolested.

  • time/space distortions, easy to get lost
  • woods get darker, air gets thinner or thicker, smells stronger
  • tempers get shorter, id takes over
  • things decay and rust faster

It’s worth noting that the powers and peoples of Faerie have no particular love for those of Hell. Imagine two children, far too alike to enjoy the other’s company for long, fighting over favored toys…or pets.

Wilderness and Faerie

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