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The wind-up and the pitch

You’re all members of the Wanderers Guild (motto: “Explorers of All”), an exploration-oriented adventuring company with chapters across the Wilderlands. Right now, you’re based out of the Tilted Keg tavern at Borderlands Keep, an outpost of the City State in the northwest hills of the Rorystone Road region. Borderlands Keep guards a pass of great strategic import to the City State, and itself is fairly safe. The surrounding region is mostly unmapped and untamed: incredibly dangerous, if not actually inimical to human life, but there’s also plenty of lost wealth and hidden knowledge for those brave enough to go out and find it. That’s where you come in.

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Gods and Pantheons

There’ll be a full page on this later, but what you need to know right now is that the main three pantheons of the Wilderlands are the Aesir (Norse), Olympian (Greek), and Pharaonic (Egyptian) pantheons. There are other gods, too: the Gods of Pegana, the death god Harmakhis, and Armadad Bog, the strange god of the Viridians, among countless others known and unknown. Cleric PCs can choose to follow one of the primary pantheons, or be initiates of a single god from those pantheons, unless you’ve got a better idea. Paladins and favored souls can’t follow a pantheon; they must be initiates of a god (it’s part of the calling). PCs who are not divine casters can worship any god or pantheon they like. Initiating in the mysteries of a god can have benefits, like cult-specific feats or prestige classes, if that’s a road you want to explore. Druids have their own thing going on; see the wilderness and Faerie page. (No, that part’s not written yet. It’s gonna be way cool, though.)

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