House rules

Shields shall be splintered!

If you are carrying a shield, any time you take damage, you can sacrifice your shield to nullify the damage. This is treated as a sunder (PFRPG pg ###). If the damage dealt exceeds the shield’s hardness, the shield takes damage in excess of its hardness to its hit points and gains the broken condition (see the PFRPG Glossary chapter). If the damage dealt exceeds the shield’s hardness and hit points, it is instantly destroyed.

Each +1 of enhancement bonus adds 2 to a shield’s hardness and +10 to its hit points.

Credit to Trollsmyth.

Don’t rest your head!

Ending a session outside of a settlement indicates a possible roll on the It Is Very Dark table.

I spend my reward on ale and whores!

If you end a session in a settlement, you must pay 1% of your XP total in gp for living expenses. The minimum payment is 1gp. If you don’t have enough money to pay your living expenses, roll on the Render Unto Caesar table.

Alternatively, you may roll 1d600 (roll d6 and d%, read the d6 as hundreds digit and d% as the tens and singles digit) and spend that amount on general debauchery. The amount spent is converted to xp on a 1:1 basis. If the digit rolled on the hundreds die is higher than your current character level, this indicates a roll on the Unforseen Consequences of Debauchery table.

The d600 roll only applies to smaller settlements, like Borderlands Keep. Larger settlements will let you roll larger dice, and can have further Unforseen Consequences not possible in a smaller settlement.

Money spent on living expenses or debauchery may not be invested in useful equipment or profitable ventures, and cannot be regained except through further adventuring.

Tip o’ the hat to Jeff Rients.

House rules

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