von Lithaus

The young mage known only as "von Lithaus" is a private figure. Not much is known about his past.


Von Lithaus is a name whispered in the corridors of all wizarding schools. Greatest enemy to the arcane, it is said. The Mighty Unbeliever, he is called. Those who sacrifice their entire lives to the study of arcane arts have heard of von Lithaus, but only in cruel wizards’ tales. They say that 400 years ago he was the first to try and open the doors of wizardry. He broke the One Law and attempted to pass along Secret Knowledge to all of mankind. The Great Rebel, the called him. The Generous Fool.

Is this young upstart the same man from those whispered stories? Is he some distant descendant? Or has he simply wrapped himself in the mantle of a name, a charlatan and a swindler?

von Lithaus

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