Hezekiah the Younger

Great sage and eminent patron of the PCs. Highly knowledgeable, possibly mad. Okay, most definitely mad.


You don’t know much about Hezekiah that isn’t common knowledge. He’s almost unfathomably ancient and claims to have forgotten more than the wisest sages know…and he’s forgotten quite a bit. He’s always occupied something of a “favorite daffy uncle” position in your life, telling unbelievable tales of his wanderings or bringing around strange trinkets, food, plants, pets and the like to make your young life more interesting. He’s not a magician, but magic seems to follow him around. His subtle, or not terribly subtle, influence kept you off the worst parts of the streets and out of the fatal kinds of trouble, though you weren’t so guided and protected as to never learn anything.

You hadn’t seen or heard from Hezekiah in several years, so when you received word from him after such a long time, you found reason or excuse to abandon your responsibilities and obligations and make your way to distant Borderlands Keep.

Hezekiah the Younger

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